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PTSD Counseling

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder may result after exposure to traumatic event(s) which involve actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence, or work-related exposure through various media (i.e., police officers who repeatedly view pictures of crime scenes). Exposure may be experienced directly or through the violent or accidental death of a loved one (i.e., violent murder of a child). 

Complex-PTSD may result through repeated exposure to various forms of abuse in childhood.


Symptoms may be acute, chronic, or delayed (sometimes by many years) and often go unrecognized. Individuals with symptoms PTSD often do not recognize that they have symptoms and attribute their concerns to something else even with the tremendous growth in public awareness about PTSD and trauma.

I chose to specialize in PTSD early in my career because I saw it as one of the main issues and underpinnings for emotional distress, severe mood swings, relationship problems, and isolation that people often experience. PTSD is more than a diagnosis and it can take significant time in therapy to learn to trust and work through complex emotional dilemmas. 

My services include both individual, couples, and group counseling that incorporates a theoretical framework about PTSD that is highly useful whether or not you choose to work through past issues or focus on present concerns.

Other services include:

  • Evaluation, Diagnosis, and treatment of DSM-5 Mental and Emotional Conditions

  • Collaboration with your Attorney to provide Evaluations and Independent Expert Medical Review for Veterans claims.

  • Extended Sessions (additional fee applies)

  • Involvement in proceedings for disability claims.

If you are seeking a service not listed, please ask.


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