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Trauma & Recovery Group Counseling


Saturdays, weekly


Group Fee: 


Initial evaluation fee may apply

  • Share your experience of hope and healing. Every trauma survivor has a story to tell about what they went through, how their trauma(s) affected them, whether they have symptoms of PTSD or a PTSD diagnosis, and how they coped and finally found help and healing. Share your stories of post-trauma growth, developing resiliency and strength, with others who are learning to go from surviving to thriving and want to build social connections.

  • Group is for individuals who have experienced traumatic events or adverse childhood experiences which have had a lasting impact on work, life, and relationships. The group format is a non-directive, open format, providing the opportunity to build a sense of community and connections which you may maintain outside of the group.

  • Eligibility Requirements:​

    • An initial evaluation session

    • Commitment to the group

    • Open to secure individual counseling when indicated

Combat Veterans of All Wars


10:00 am

Group Fee: $25

  • You are proud that you served our country and now you are home and need help sharing the person you have become with people who want you to be someone you are not now because of your combat experience.

  • This group addresses multiple concerns of Veterans, including problems transitioning home from Iraq / Afghanistan Combat veterans, PTSD symptoms, navigating how to obtain relevant treatment and benefits, and just figuring things out.

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Trauma& Recovery GROUP counseling

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